Please drive safely, also on the way to your holiday destination. 

A message from Parents of Road Victims. 

During the end of the year holiday season, many Belgians are driving to their holiday destination. To raise awareness among these drivers to be careful on the road and to reduce speed in the sometimes-difficult winter conditions, the association Parents of Road Victims (OVK-PEVR) placed several rooms of children who fell victim to road accidents symbolically on

Naturally, these rooms are not for rent. And there’s a good reason why…

An empty room that is not for rent after all.

When parents lose a child in a road accident, they often leave their bedroom the way it was the day their child left for the last time. It is one of the most tangible memories parents can have. The unchanged nature of the room means they can still feel the presence of their child.

Empty rooms on

We show these rooms on, not to rent them, but to remind drivers to be careful, also on the way to their holiday destination.

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The room of Stan

Stan passed away in a traffic accident in 2019. Today, he would have been 24 years old.
Stan was passionate about football and dreamed of becoming a pilot.

The room of Theo

Theo passed away in a traffic accident 18 years ago. Since then, his many musical instruments still bear witness to his passion for music.

The room of Sofie

Sofie was talented in several sports. The medals in her room still show Sofie’s presence, even five years after her accident.

The room of Sander

Sander was a member of several associations in his spare time. The uniforms in his room still show Sanders’s presence, even 13 years after his accident.

Together with the association Parents of Road Victims (OVK), we show you some of these “empty rooms”, to remind you to be careful on the road. 

“Even one less accident would be an absolute win.”
– father of Stan